Ottawa Easy Riders




The NAME of this organization shall be THE OTTAWA EASY RIDERS CYCLING CLUB

The OBJECTIVES of the club are to provide a variety of cycling excursions that meet the needs and abilities of the members, promote the sport of cycling, provide physical and social activities for members with minimal formality, foster an esprit de corps among the members and, above all, to have fun.

MEMBERSHIP is open to persons willing to participate in the annual schedule of club excursions and who have paid the annual dues and completed a waiver of liability.

Potential NEW MEMBERS must be sponsored by a member and will cycle with the group as a guest for three rides, after which time membership may be granted by the Executive following broad consultation with the members.

Each member shall pay an annual FEE which shall be set at and payable at the spring meeting.

MEETINGS of the membership shall be held twice yearly, one in spring to plan the excursion schedule and one in the fall to review the season’s activities.

An EXECUTIVE consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected at the fall meeting each year. The President shall chair meetings and report on the activities of the club, the Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all records and correspondence pertaining to the club, the Treasurer shall maintain in good order the finances of the club and the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.

Each member shall have one VOTE at all meetings.

The FISCAL YEAR of the club shall be January 1 to December 31.

COMMITTEES shall be Excursion, Membership and Constitution/Bylaws; members shall be appointed by the Executive.

ELECTIONS for positions on the Executive, if necessary, shall be held at the fall meeting.

AMENDMENTS to this constitution may be made by a two-thirds majority of the membership present at a meeting; notice of proposed amendment must be given, via email to all members at least 30 days prior to the date set for said meeting.