Ottawa Easy Riders


1)   Make a preliminary survey of the ride a few days ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the route and to ensure that it is useable (looking for construction, required detours, appropriate lunch stop location, etc.)

2)  Preferably on the Monday before, inform members via email of the departure point and time, and remind them to keep the cell phones turned on Wednesday morning.

3)   Check the weather forecast and (in consultation with others if necessary) make a decision to proceed or cancel the ride, and advise members no later than 8 a.m. if the outing is cancelled.

4)   Lead the ride and assign other tasks as required (tail gunner, corner marker, head count, mileage report, etc.) (Note: It is important that at a “corner” or a “Y” someone be assigned to stay and direct traffic until the last person is through.)

5)   Be of good spirit and encourage others as required.

6)   Find a replacement ASAP in the event you are unable to marshal your assigned trip.

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